Terms & Conditions


School Fees and Notice

Invoices will be handed out at the beginning of term. Payment is due within 7 days by cheque or cash.

Separate invoices will be sent out for uniforms where applicable.

Money will not be refunded for classes unattended by the student.

Money will not be refunded for classes missed due to the teacher’s absence. In the unlikely event that this happens, classes will be rescheduled.

If classes are unavailable due to weather conditions, classes will not be rescheduled nor will money be refunded.

Five weeks’ written notice is required for a student to withdraw from any class or five weeks’ fees will be charged. Exceptions may be made due to a student’s illness under which circumstances a Doctor’s note will be required.

Separate invoices will be sent out for exam fees. They will include the cost of the examiner, hall hire fees and music, including pianist or music operator if using CDs.


Health and Safety

All students enrolling in any dance class must fill out a Cheshire West School of Ballet Registration Form, which includes medical notes and contact details in case of emergency. Forms are available at every class. Please return to the teacher in time for your first class.

Cheshire West School of Ballet will always work to ensure the safety of students and that the facilities used for classes are adequate to meet their needs. We continually assess the work environment to minimise the possibility of injury from any hazards.

All teachers will hold an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Certificate.

Fire procedures are in place and teachers are aware of what action to take in the event of a fire.

If a minor accident or injury is sustained, first aid boxes with up-to-date supplies are available as well as an appointed first-aider. Parents will be informed at the end of class if a minor injury has been sustained.

For more serious injuries, professional medical assistance will be obtained either by calling the emergency services or by accompanying the injured individual to a place where they can receive treatment. Should professional medical assistance be required, parents will be informed immediately.

All injuries or accidents however small will be recorded.


Arrival and Departure of Students

Parents and/or guardians are responsible for overseeing the safe arrival and departure of children in their care.

When dropping off your child, please ensure that the appointed teacher is present in the building. Please do not leave your child unaccompanied.

When collecting your child at the end of class, please come into the building. Children are not permitted to leave the building unaccompanied.

In the interests of your child’s safety, if someone other than a parent or guardian has been assigned to pick them up after class, please inform Mrs Holloway in advance.


Observing Classes

The presence of an adult observing a class can have an unsettling effect on students. We ask therefore that you wait until end-of-term showcases when you can join other parents and family members to enjoy watching the progress that students have made.

In exceptional circumstances, it may be possible for adults to observe a particular class, but this will always be at the discretion of Mrs Holloway.

Pre-school classes (Sparrows) may follow a different policy depending on the ages of the children.



If a child is being disruptive, uncooperative or unmanageable, Mrs Holloway will work with both the student and the parents or guardians to try to identify the reasons behind such behaviour and resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

Should disruptive or inappropriate behaviour continue, the student may be asked to take some time away from the class or event.



All photography or filming is strictly prohibited.

Occasionally, however, the services of a professional photographer or videographer may be retained for the purposes of promotional material or for recording specific live events or public performances.

We will never use such images without the express permission of the parent or guardian. You will have the opportunity to grant or deny permission on first registration.



Cheshire West School of Ballet has a set uniform. Please refer to the uniform lists for your class’ attire.

Please ensure that your child is in the correct uniform for their class and that they are neatly groomed with hair off the face and in a bun.

If a child has just registered, loose, comfortable clothing that allows them to move easily would be appreciated.


Examinations – ISTD Ballet, Modern, National, Tap

Students are assessed according to their physical and cognitive development and it is the teacher who is best qualified to decide when a child is ready to take an examination.

There may be occasions where children never take an examination and there can be many different reasons for this but in such circumstances their development will still continue within their class environment. It is paramount we make decisions based on a child’s individual needs for their happiness and growth.

Please note that each grade is tailored with the growth of children in mind. For instance, the examinations for very young children with undeveloped bone density will be very different for children going through puberty or heading into adolescence.

We do not encourage any child to take examinations before they are mentally and physically ready as this can have a detrimental effect on them.

Children who take exams can receive UCAS points. Please check either the ISTD website or the UCAS website for more information.

Please encourage your child to show you their exercises and practice as much as possible at home prior to an examination. This will give them the opportunity to achieve their best during the exam.

Where possible, it is beneficial for a child to visit the Examination Centre for one practice session before an exam in order to familiarise themselves with the studio space. Please ask Mrs Holloway for further information.

Should an examination be missed, Cheshire West School of Ballet reserves the right to withdraw your child from the examination without refund. Should a student be unwell before or on the day of the exam, please contact Mrs Holloway as soon as possible so that alternative arrangements can be explored.

Cheshire West School of Ballet will always act in the best interests of your child.


Terms and Conditions correct as of May 2016.