Description of Classes



First Ballet


Pre-School Dance is suitable for children aged 2+ years.  We provide exciting, fun classes lasting for 30 minutes.  The aim of the classes is to build confidence and improve motor skills through movement to music. Imaginative artistry is explored while encouraging artistic flare using play and mime. Children also experience social and cognitive development. This is the perfect introductory class for children beginning to dance.





ISTD Modern Theatre Dance


Modern is a dance style that focusses on a dancer’s own interpretations with the inclusion of structured steps. Inspired by classical ballet and traditional ballet steps but with a flavour and focus on movements derived from the expression of inner feelings, modern is a more relaxed style that explores and includes other genres such as Jazz, Blues and Lyrical dancing.  A different shoe is used (or bare feet) to help modern students attain high levels of skill by learning correct dance technique.  Modern classes are diverse, so complement many other dance styles and genres.  Students are invited to study the ISTD syllabus which provides a fantastic framework from primary classes through to advanced grades.



ISTD Tap Dance


Tap dancing is fun, exciting and very noisy! It is a rhythmical tapping sound attained from the small metal plates on the shoes allowing the dancer to become a percussive musician.

Tap dancing uses great syncopation and can be performed with or without music (known as A Capella dancing). Children quickly learn to listen to the music carefully and also to the rhythm of the beat. The nature of the tapping in this style of dancing is exciting, fun and very satisfying for young children as it’s possible to create a simple, rhythmic routine from the first lesson onwards. And children just love the sound of their noisy feet!



ISTD Classical Ballet


Classical ballet demands grace and precision.  By employing formalized steps and gestures, the dancer produces intricate, flowing patterns and creates expression through movement.


The Cheshire West School of Ballet provides an excellent training within the ISTD syllabus, offering all students the opportunity to learn graded work from primary through to advanced Levels.





National Dancing


This genre covers a wide range of European Folk Dance including Scottish, Finnish, Danish, English, Polish and Russian to name but a few. These traditional dances were developed by communities in their corresponding countries and help provide a sense of community and awareness of others. National dancing is fun and brings children to life as well as encouraging focus within the context of group dancing.



Body Conditioning and Stretch


By definition, we look to provide a cardio workout and increase aerobic fitness at the same time as toning and strengthening all the body’s muscle groups. It is one of the best classes available to improve overall fitness.


These classes are offered to all students at different levels (including adults). BCS is ideal if you need extra strengthening for particular body parts.  It also helps enormously to regain more elasticity while increasing fitness levels.